Core Business

Roof tiles replacement

Polycarbonate & structure fabrication

Metal Roof & Mild Steel Structure Fabrication

Gutter replacement

Why us?

Better Quality

We strive to provide our customers professional advice & consultancy from Roof Repair, Replacement & Installation services

100% Refund Policy

100% refund policy if we unable to solve clients’ roof issues

1 Year Warranty

All kind of roof rectification from us will be entitled a minimum of One (1) year warranty and no extra charges be charged.

Free Inspection

Entitle FREE inspection

Full Set Report

We also provide full set of documentary such as photos, report, and site drawing so clients can understand the condition of their roof

More than 10 Years Experience

Our expertise have 10 to 20 years 0f experience in construction line which we can serve better

After Sales Service

The service after sales are good as we follow up client constantly to make sure we serve better

Our company is one of the best Roofer Malaysian companies who offered services for roof leak repair in Malaysia. Our company offers great services with construction experience more than 10 years making us the best roofing specialist/roofing contractor in Malaysia. We make sure that our company’s services is targeted to the goal of our clients, as we aim to be a customer-centered company.

We do roof leaking repairs on either industrial, commercial, and residential buildings with utmost passion.

We can do services like this with high standards quality but reasonable price you can afford. We also offer roof inspection and set of documentaries to make the clients understand their roofing condition. And after installation, we connect with our clients to ensure if they are satisfied with our services.

If you’re interested in the services we offer, contact us now so we can start your roofing plans or repairs. We will assure you that we will provide standard quality and designs unique only for you.

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