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Metal Roofing Heat Reduction & Insulation Solutions

Our reflective and bulk insulation, as well as turbine ventilators, help reduce heat and save energy. Choose from double-sided aluminum foil, single-sided bubble foil, fiberglass wool, or stone wool. We also offer aluminum or stainless steel turbine ventilators in various sizes.

Reflective Insulation

Reflects heat from radiation and reduces the amount of heat that enters the building, resulting in cooler temperatures and lower energy costs. There have 2 type of material which is:

  • Double-sided aluminum FoilReflects heat and is highly durable for long-lasting results. foil reflects heat while also providing a cushion of air to increase insulation.
  • Single-sided bubble FoilFeatures a layer of air bubbles to provide additional insulation and can be easily installed.
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Metal roofing contractor conducting roof maintenance on an industrial rooftop.

Bulk Insulation

Bulk insulation function to Resists heat transfer through conduction and convection, reducing the amount of heat that enters the building and keeping it cooler.

  • Fiberglass wool and stone wool provide excellent thermal insulation, reducing heat loss or gain and keeping your property comfortable in any weather condition.
  • Bulk insulation is dense and effective at blocking heat transfer, making it ideal for properties in extreme weather conditions.
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PJM metal roofing contractor expertly repairing industrial roofing in Malaysia.

Turbine Ventilator

  • Our aluminum and stainless steel turbine ventilators come in various sizes to fit your property's specific needs.
  • They work by removing hot and stale air from your building and replacing it with cooler and fresher air, improving indoor air quality and reducing energy costs.
  • Turbine ventilators are eco-friendly and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for industrial and commercial properties.
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Heat Reduction & Roof Insulation Solutions