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Roof structural steel is a cornerstone in the world of construction, especially in the roofing sector. In fact, it accounts for a significant portion of global roof steel consumption. At PJM Roofer, we recognize the indispensability of roof structural steel and offer a range of solutions that are tailored to your specific roofing needs.

Benefits of Roof Structural Steel Malaysia

Roofing structural steel provides a multitude of advantages to the construction and roofing industries. With its unique material compositions and customizable shape options, this form of structural steel becomes an essential component in roofing designs. The interplay between composition and shape grants structural steel distinct mechanical properties, making it a fitting choice for various roofing applications. As specialists in roof structural steel work, PJM Roofer stands ready to guide you in selecting the perfect roofing steel structural, composition, and shape that will optimize your roofing application.

Industrial Roof Structure & Fabrication Works by PJM Roofer

Diverse Range of Roof Structural Steel Shapes

Discover a spectrum of meticulously designed roof structural steel shapes for versatile roofing solutions in Malaysia. From L-shaped angles to "I" and "H" beams, explore our diverse offerings:

Roof Angles

These L-shaped cross-sections, either equal or unequal in leg lengths, provide additional support in corners and junctions of structures, complementing main roof pillars and beams.

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Roof Angles - L Shape Steel Beams
Lightweight Alternatives

Roof S, R & R Hollow

Square, Rectangle & Round Hollow tubing made from hot-rolled steel coils and sold in round, square, and rectangular shapes is easily fabricated and welded according to need. It's a lightweight structural alternative to solid roof structural steel products.

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Roof S, R & R Hollow - Square, Rectangle & Round Hollow Tubing
The Backbone of Roofing

Roof I & H Beams

Roof I and H beams are the backbone of many roofing systems. Characterized by their "I" or "H" cross-section, these beams consist of flanges and a web. They offer unparalleled strength and structural integrity, making them essential for roof beams and columns. These beams distribute weight efficiently, ensuring the longevity of your roofing structure.

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Roof I & H Beams - "I" or "H" Shape Steel Beams
Versatile Structural Support

Roof Channels

Roof channels, featuring a distinctive C-shaped cross-section, serve as versatile structural support elements in roofing projects. Similar to roofing I-beams, they offer a wider angle of attachment between the flanges and the web. Roof channels play a crucial role in providing additional support to load-bearing beams, making them ideal for bracing or framing within roofing systems.

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Roof Channels - C-Shape Steel Beams
Fortifying Roof Structures

Roof Steel Plates

Roof Carbon-steel plates, crafted from robust carbon steel, are engineered to withstand substantial weight and pressure. These heavy-duty plates are perfect for fortifying roof structures against the forces of nature. In regions prone to severe weather, such as Malaysia, roof plates offer exceptional resilience and stability, ensuring the durability of your roofing system.

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Roof Steel Plates - Carbon-Steel Plates
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